Humboldt University of Berlin, Free University of Tbilisi and Razmadze Mathematical Institute organized the conference on

"Recent Advances in Quantum Field and String Theory"

in Tbilisi, Georgia, September 26-30, 2011


The conference was devoted to various topics related to recent developments in string/M-theory and field theory, including string-gauge theory correspondences, supersymmetric field theories, conformal field theories, integrable models, black holes, cosmological and phenomenological aspects.

We intended to bring together leading experts in the field and young researchers from or with ties to the Caucasus region and Germany. Initially, we expected about 45 participants.However, finally the number of participants was extended to 68 scientist
representing 19 countries.

The program consisted of a few pedagogical overview talks plus several more specific seminars.


Organizing Committee Local Organizers
Harald Dorn Vazha Berezhiani
George Jorjadze George Lavrelashvili
Jan Plefka Luka Megrelidze


The conference was supported by grants from VolkswagenStiftung, Rustaveli Foundation and The International Centre for Theoretical Physics