The Regional Training Network in Theoretical Physics, comprised of the Universities of Bonn, Tbilisi, Yerevan and Siegen, together with the Free University of Tbilisi, will jointly organize the school and the workshop

"Selected Topics in Theoretical High Energy Physics"

September 21-27, 2015, Tbilisi, Georgia


The workshop is devoted to various topics related to recent developments in string/field theory, including string-gauge theory correspondences, supersymmetric field theories, conformal field theories, integrable models, cosmological and phenomenological aspects.

We intend to bring together leading experts in the field and young researchers from or with ties to the Caucasus region and Germany. We expect about 90 participants.

The program of the school for the PhD students includes lecture courses on recent developments in quantum field theory, elementary particle physics and string theory. These lectures will be delivered by leading specialists in the respective research fields.

The workshop will take place on Sept. 21-24, followed by the school on Sept. 25-27. This event is a continuation of the regular meetings of the Regional Training Network (the previous meetings were held in Tbilisi, 2013, and Yerevan, 2014). It is also a successor of a workshop held in Tbilisi, 2011. The information about the earlier events can be found at:

The workshop will be preceded by two other events in the region:


The Organizing Committee
George Jorjadze (FU Tbilisi) Armen Nersessian (YSU)
Thomas Mannel (U Siegen) Akaki Rusetsky (U Bonn)
Ulf-G. Mei├čner (U Bonn) Mirian Tabidze (TSU)


The conference is supported by grants from VolkswagenStiftung, The International Centre for Theoretical Physics and Rustaveli Foundation