Bachelor’s in Physics

02 აპრილი 2018



Programme Title: 


Qualification Awarded: 

Bachelor in Physics

Programme Credits: 

240 ECTS

Language of Instruction: 


Duration of the Programme: 

4 years

Objectives of the Programme:

The aim of the educational program is to prepare graduates with a wide range of knowledge in physics and mathematics and to develop graduate’s skills for conducting physical experiments.

In addition, the aim of the program is to study the main scientific directions of modern physics, acquire skills for research of appropriate difficulty and to engage in relevant research work.

As a priority, the program serves as a basis for successful academic career development: Master's Degree, Doctorate and further scientific-pedagogical work at leading higher institutions and scientific centres at the international scale.

Career Options:

In addition to a successful academic career, Bachelor's Degree in Physics provides a solid foundation for employment in the following fields: Astrophysics, Geophysics, Biophysics, Applied Physics, Engineering, Programming, Computer Modelling, Banking, Management, Medicine, Didactics and others.

Learning Outcomes: 

After completion of Bachelor Program, graduates will have general and specific competencies listed below:

General Competences:

  • ability to use abstract thinking, analysis and synthesis;
  • ability to professional write and communicate in native language;
  • ability to write and communicate scientific material in foreign languages;
  • ability to adapt and act in unfamiliar and changing environments;
  • ability to work in a group;
  • ability to collect, process and analyse information;
  • ability to work independently;
  • ability to generate new ideas;
  • ability to conduct interdisciplinary work;
  • comprehension of professional responsibilities, awareness of ethical norms and sustainable development principles. 

Specific Competences:

  • theoretical basic knowledge in physics;
  • ability to conduct physical experimentation;
  • ability to work in a laboratory;
  • basic knowledge in mathematics;
  • mathematical modelling of physical phenomena;
  • ability to design computer models;
  • ability to conduct scientific research (taking into account bachelor's program’s level).

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