Bachelor’s in Social Sciences

02 აპრილი 2018



School of Governance and Social Sciences

Programme Title: 

Governance and Social Sciences

Qualification Awarded: 

Bachelor’s in Social Sciences

Programme Credits: 

240 ECTS

Language of Instruction: 


Duration of the Program: 

4 years


Objectives of the Programme:

The goal of the program is to prepare critically-minded young professionals, who have high civic consciousness and who are ready for leadership.

The aim of the program is to provide students with wide and thorough education in humanities (history, art, literature), social and political sciences (philosophy, anthropology, sociology, psychology), also give knowledge in the fields of economy, law, management and administration.

The program aims to create a prerequisite that the graduates of the programme could be successful analysts, leaders, administrators, consultants.

Career Options:

After completing the Bachelor Program, graduates will be able to work in various fields, including, but not limited to:

  • private legal companies;
  • NGOs and international organisations (project management, research);
  • consulting companies (analysts);
  • mass media (journalism, columnists, expert-work);
  • private sector (own business, project, research);
  • state organizations (Ministries, Parliament, Municipal Councils, City Hall, Departments, Diplomatic Service);
  • Educational institutions.

Learning Outcomes: 

After completion of the Bachelor Program, graduates will own general and specific competencies listed below:

General Competences:

  • critical analysis, discussion and debate skills;
  • professional writing and communication skills in native language;
  • ability to write and communicate in foreign language (English);
  • ability to adapt and act in unfamiliar and changing environments;
  • ability to work in a group;
  • ability to continuously learn and deepen the knowledge;
  • ability to use modern information and communication technologies;
  • ability to appreciate and respect differences and cultural diversity.

Specific Competences:

  • knowledge of the general principles, theories and methodology of social sciences;
  • knowledge of the structure and function of social, cultural and political institutions;
  • ability to manage organizations, businesses, projects, human resources and state structures;
  • ability to participate in debates, comprehend alternative opinions and justify their positions, analysing social science issues;
  • ability to perform appropriate procedures in public institutions and act on legal means;
  • identification of interests and values ​​of community groups;
  • comprehension of professional responsibility, awareness of etical norms and sustainable development principles.

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