Doctoral School

23 ივლისი 2013

The Doctoral School is a new and distinctive development at Free University of Tbilisi, which complements our academic schools. Free University of Tbilisi realizes that in the modern developing and rapidly changing world it is impossible for an academic institution to be successful without building up a space for creating and disseminating of a new knowledge. The idea of creating the Doctoral School comes from considerations of gathering and developing researchers of a new generation, who will contribute to their own disciplines as well to the interdisciplinary research environment at Free University of Tbilisi.

The Doctoral School has ambitious plans to provide an exciting environment through which all researchers across the University can interact. The principal function of the Doctoral School is provision of scientific research with up-to-date resources, coordination of research of the people working for doctor's degree and their integration in modern global scientific research community.

In research activities of the Doctoral School besides Georgian scientists and researchers will participate scientists and researchers from different countries, what will be conductive to high-quality research of doctoral students and to their integration in modern global research community.

The Doctoral School concurrently combines administrative (admission, preparation of doctoral students' proposal for the Dissertation Council, registration of doctoral students, monitoring and control of implementation of their individual curricula, organization of examinations and theses defense etc.) and academic activities (planning and coordinating courses included in the curricular component, developing and organizing courses for developing transferable skills).


  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Natural Sciences - joint program with Agricultural University of Georgia