George Arsenadze (2015-2019)

27 დეკემბერი 2017

Publication: International Journal of Modern Physics D Vol. 26 (2017) 1750153 (Download the paper)

Particles on the rotating channels in the wormhole metrics

In the Ellis–Bronnikov wormhole (WH) metrics, the motion of a particle along the curved rotating channels is studied. By taking into account a prescribed shape of a trajectory, we derive the reduced 1 + 1 metrics, obtain the corresponding Langrangian of a free particle and analytically and numerically solve the corresponding equations of motion.

We have shown that if the channels are twisted and lagged behind rotation, under certain conditions, beads might asymptotically reach infinity, leaving the WH, which is not possible for straight corotating trajectories. The analytical and numerical study is performed for two- and three-dimensional cases and initial conditions of particles are analyzed in the context of possibility of passing through the WH.