Kakha Bendukidze

14 ნოემბერი 2014

Kakha Bendukidze was one of the outstanding representatives of modern Georgian statesmanship and education. The reforms that he initiated had greatly impacted the Georgian economy, making it more sustainable, vibrant and modern. He founded the leading higher education institution - the Free University - and gave a new life to the Agricultural University. 

Providing opportunities for quality education for every motivated adult, regardless of their financial conditions, was the goal of Kakha Bendukidze. To this moment, he made unprecedented investments in educational sector in Georgia. He provided thousands with the chance to become professionals, serving the well being of our country and their family. 

Kakha Bendukidze strongly believed that clarity of purpose and of future were essential to any human endeavor. He gave such clarity and future to Free and Agricultural universities, placing them firmly on the track of development. It is largely to his credit that a free, educated and committed generation of young professionals inhabits the county today. We, university administration, professors, and students,  are  honored to continue working towards this vision in his memory.