12 ივლისი 2013

The mission of Free University is to provide the country's most talented and motivated students a world-class, 21st-century education and produce graduates who can become leaders in their fields and bring wholesome and sustainable changes to a country still in development.

To recruit the country's most talented and motivated students, Free University conducts an extensive recruitment campaign every year, sending faculty and officials to secondary schools throughout the country to meet students and explain what the university offers them, including a host of generous and innovative schemes to ensure accessibility to the university regardless of students' financial resources. As of December, 2012, 53% of undergraduate students have elected to take advantage of one such scheme, a 'revolving grant' program which allows students to attend without paying any tuition out-of-pocket in exchange for a commitment to provide the funds necessary for a future student to do likewise at the same tuition rate. In effect, this is an interest-free loan that creates a community of alumni who are both benefactors and beneficiaries. Beginning in the fall of 2013, students will be eligible for a grant program that will cover all tuition in excess of the government vouchers earned by their high scores on the unified national exam.