Physics - FUT Students Conference 2013

23 ივნისი 2015

We encourage all of our students to start research from freshman period. On Free University Students Conference, students give a talk about their research. The best reporters are funded to participate in International Conference of Physics Students (ICPS).

Participants of FUT Students Conference 2013:

Irakli Gudavadze: On the role of rotation in the outflows of the Crab pulsar
Tamar Meshveliani: instabilities of kinematically complex flows in astrophysical objects
Tornike Ghutishvili: Fluid description of the Vortex bubble formation in optical media
Guram Kartvelishvili: plasma oscillations in rotating magnetic fields.
Lado Labadze: Particle dynamics on a sphere and in Ads space
Irakli Gudavadze, Tornike Ghutishvili, Guram Kartvelishvili, Tamar Meshveliani and Lado Labadze attended ICPS 2013 and gave a talk about their topics.