Physics - FUT Students Conference 2014

23 ივნისი 2015

We encourage all of our students to start research from freshman period. On Free University Students Conference, students give a talk about their research. The best reporters are funded to participate in International Conference of Physics Students (ICPS).

Participants of FUT Students Conference 2014:

Irakli Gudavadze: Coherent states for relativistic particle with spin 

Irakli Lomidze: Study of blood plasma proteins in pathology using micro calorimeter

Giorgi Chanturia: Optical beams in cold plasma

Shalva Kapanadze: description of change in co-ordinates by canonical transformation for certain lagrange function

Levan Iashvili: Dynamics of massless particle in AdS2 space

Saba Kharabadze: quantum mechanics description by alternative postulates 

Archil Sakevarashvili: Instabilities in the Coronal mass ejections

Guram Mikaberidze: Fast synthesis of high temperature super conductors

Irakli lomidze, Giorgi Chanturia, Levan Iashvili, Saba Kharabadze and Archil Sakevarashvili will give a talk about their topics in ICPS 2015.